2021 (EN)

Great influx of links and contacts on the multimedia platform of the Museum of Peace - MAMT for the centenary of the birth of Giulietta Masina.
100 years ago in San Giorgio di Piano, a stone's throw from Bologna, Giulietta Masina was born, the unforgettable muse of Federico Fellini who would take leave of the stage lights on 23 March 1994, a few months after the death of her husband, the great Rimini.
The daughter of a violinist and a teacher, Giulietta grew up in Rome as a guest of a Milanese aunt who was widowed. She attends schools in an Ursuline college where she becomes familiar with the stage, in school plays and then at the university theater Ateneo. You began working on the radio in 1942, paired with the famous announcer Angelo Zanobini.
The two interpret the popular adventures of Cico and Pallina (first engaged and then newlyweds) in the column "Il terziglio": the skits are written by a very young Federico Fellini. Juliet marries him a year later, on 30 October 1943.
In 1945, after the dramatic mourning for the loss of her son Pier Federico who died just 11 days after her birth, Giulietta graduated in literature and returned to the theater paired with a very young Marcello Mastroianni with Leo Ferrero's "Angelica". She then she chooses the radio again with the new "Adventures of Cico and Pallina" and snatches a part in "Paisà" by Roberto Rossellini.