2019 (EN)

With an agreement between the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the "Orientamenti-APS" association it was agreed that the winner of the "Fare .. Bene" active citizenship award would be hosted at the Museum of Peace - MAMT during a significant event for citizenship and the quality of life.
The girl who won the 2019 Prize is called Arianna Ciarletta: she is 16 years old, she attends the III E class of the Linguistic High School of the Istituto Superiore Margherita Hack of Morlupo, and was reported by her schoolmates for her active and proven commitment in volunteering.
Accompanied by a teacher, the president and vice-president Alessandra Paradisi of the "Orientamenti-APS" association, Arianna participated in the events of 11 December 2019 and in the presentation of the "Il Natale della Ricerca" and "La Città del Dialogo" awards at the Peace Museum - MAMT.
On this occasion they visited the Museum expressing satisfaction for an extraordinary place