2019 (EN)

The solemn ceremony for the awarding of the "Christmas of Research" awards, organized by the Cenacle of culture and sciences, took place at the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
Presented by prof. Luigi Mileto were awarded

  • the prof. Sergio Abrignani, scientific director of the "Invernizzi" National Molecular Genomics Institute in Milano; 
  • the prof. arch. Michele Capasso, president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo; 
  • the prof. Andrea Ballabio, director of the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine in Pozzuoli; 
  • the prof. Francesco Salvatore, Professor Emeritus of clinical biochemistry and clinical molecular biology (BIO/12);
  • the dott. Placido Orlando, head of the nephrology and dialysis division of the Locri civil hospital;
  • the prof. Rosario Rizzuto,magnificent rector of the University of Padova;
  • the prof. Alberto Amadori, director of Immunology of the Veneto Oncology Institute of Padova; 
  • the prof.ssa Chiara Busnelli, organizational manager of the High school Sant’Anna in Pisa;
  • the prof.ssa Sabina Nuti, Director of the High school Sant’Anna Pisa;
  • the prof.ssa Chiara Bonini, director of the immunology department of the San Raffaele Institute in Milano; 
  • the prof. Arnaldo Caruso, national president of the virology society, professor of microbiology at the University of Brescia; 
  • the prof. Francesco Dimeco, director of the neurosurgery department of the Besta Institute in Milano; 
  • the prof.ssa Annarita Trotta, Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro;
  • the dott.ssa Serena Monteleone, specialist in rehabilitation medicine, Don Gnocchi Foundation of Milano; 
  • the dott. Matteo Ghilli, surgeon senology department of the university hospital of Pisa;  
  • the prof. Salvatore Spagnolo, Iclas heart surgeon from Rapallo; 
  • the dott. Salvatore Saccà, head of cardiology at the Mirano civil hospital
  • the prof.ssa Elisabetta Vegeto, associate of pharmacology at the state university of Milano; 
  • the dott. Pino Canzonieri, owner of the "Full travel" travel agency of Siderno; 
  • the dott. ssa Beatrice Baccellieri, owner of the farm of Bianco; 
  • the prof.ssa Carmela Serafino, high school "Zaleuco" scientific director from Locri; 
  • the prof. Roberto Purrello, director of the chemistry department at the University of Catania
  • the dott. Giuseppe Raiola, director of Pediatrics of the Apulian hospital Ciaccio of Catanzaro;
  • the prof. Avv. Vincenzo Ferrari, Professor of Private Law University of Calabria
  • the architect Anna Cundari, president of the Calabria section of the national Bioarchitecture institute
  • the dott. Domenico Surci, primary geriatric internist of the Locri Civil Hospital Medicine Division
  • the dott. Vincenzo Cazzato, LSU surgeon in Lecce;
  • the prof. Lorenzo Calò, director of the 2 nephrology university hospital university of Padova.