2019 (EN)

The workshop "MED BLUE ECONOMY: THE MEDITERRANEAN VEHICLE FOR THE INTERNAZONALIZATION OF COMPANIES" was held at the Posillipo Hall of the Hotel Royal Continental in Naples organized by CISE, the Italian Confederation for Economic Development, in collaboration with the Campania Region and - among others - the Mediterranean Foundation.
Took part Giuseppe Romano, president of CISE, Michele Capasso, President of Fondazione Mediterraneo, the Ambassador of Egypt in Italy Hisham Badr, the director of the port of Alexandria Aldabah Abdulqadir Saied, the general secretary of GWU Kevin Camilleri, Libyan MP Sdli Adel Ali B, Salvatore Forte, president of Consortium Industriale Sud Pontino, Raffaella Pignetti, President Consortium ASI Caserta.
On this occasion President Capasso recalled relations with Egypt for 30 years and Ambassador Badr underlined the importance of the Fondazione Mediterraneo which has been promoting and strengthening economic, scientific and cultural exchanges with Egypt for 30 years: these are the new plan that, in collaboration with the Embassy, ​​will be dedicated to Egypt in the Museum of Peace - MAMT.
Representatives and members of the "Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation" participated in the workshop.