2019 (EN)

The press conference for the presentation of the international conference "MED BLUE ECONOMY" organized by CISE, the Italian Confederation for Economic Development, in collaboration with the Campania Region and the Fondazione Mediterraneo took place at the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Peace Museum of Peace.
They intervened: Michele Capasso, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Giuseppe Romano, president of the CISE, Antonio Marchiello, Councilor for production activities of the Campania Region, Ciro Fiola, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples, Salvatore Forte, President of the Consorzio Industriale Sud Pontino and Raffaella Pignetti, President Consortium ASI Caserta.
Promoting the internationalization of Italian companies in the Mediterranean: this is the primary objective of the Med Blue Economy, the event taking place in Naples: the third stage, after Valletta and Tunis, in the 'three days' (from 14 to 16 February 2018), the roadshow will host the presentation of projects aimed at launching investments and attracting foreign capital, but above all assisting companies willing to expand in some key Mediterranean countries such as Egypt, Malta and Tunisia.
"In this Neapolitan stage - explained Giuseppe Romano, President of CISE - we were able to involve an important partner such as the Campania Region, with the constant presence of the Department of Production and where we can count on the constructive participation of other Mediterranean countries, which it allows us to lay concrete foundations for our basic idea that is to create a macro region of the Mediterranean that is independent of political boundaries ".
The companies aimed at internationalization also have precise commitments as explained Antonio Marchiello, Councilor for production activities of the Campania Region: "Companies have the obligation to remain in our region for 7 years, but we trust that this time parameter can be extended to other years, because we will commit ourselves to accompany the entrepreneurial activities started to improve, and not come, as in the past, to closures that always cause unemployment ".