2017 (EN)

Was held in Tallin (Estonia) on 13 and 14 December 2017, the 16th Meeting of the Lead Leaders of the ALF National Networks.
They were discussed on this occasion:

  • Objectives and Strategies for the new ALF phase with the networks involved.
  • Network development and analysis of the European Commission document on the following main points:
    • Increased direct involvement of ALF members in Foundation programs by avoiding that most of the resources available to support members and their work remain exclusively in the hands of Lead Partners (HoN).
    • Increased horizontal and internal communication to date limited.
    • Definition of common rules for the designation of national network Lead Lead Partners.
    • Insufficient knowledge of ALF members, their work and potential.
    • More space for civil society in the management of national networks.
    • Review and reform of network management in the light of evaluations by the European Commission.

The meeting was preceded by a meeting between President Capasso and Professor Arcidiacono (official delegates by the majority of the members of the Italian Network to represent them at the Tallinn Meeting) with President Guigou and Executive Director Atallah: on this occasion the situation of the Italian Network and the considerable documentation produced (last parliamentary question of 12.12.2017) was analysed. The common hope is that there will be a rapid solution along the lines of other networks (in particular Turkey) in order to guarantee the legitimate democratic representativeness specifically required by the European Treaties and the regulations that the European Commission imposes on the ALF as its main donor.
On this occasion, Tunisia's lead partner Anis Boufrika presented, on behalf of all, an award to the Executive Director Atallah that at the end of the year, leaves ALF.

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