2017 (EN)

At the Museo della Pace was held a special international poetical reading with lyrics for peace from 5 continents, recited by Edoardo Elisei, artistic manager of “Poeti per la Pace”.
Between the others, prof. don Mario Maritano, from Tehology Department of Pontifical Salesian University in Rome, and museum manager dott. Maria Pia Balducci Molinari attended the event.
The intervention of the president Michele Capasso, president of Fondazione Mediterraneo, was very moved , he underlined the importance of “staying together “ to “build” and, especially, to “keep” the peace, explaining the committment of the foundation and the numerous cultural activities carried out in the last 30 years.
The assessore of Culture and Tourism of the municipality of Neaples talked about “anguish for peace” and the importance of poetry as a medium of social rebirth. After reminding the warning of Pope Francis about the current World War Three, dott. Daniele lay claimed the role of the city of Neaples in his potery, mentioning the poetry “La Ginestra” by Leopardi, written on the slope of Vesuvius.
Vincenzo De Lucia, vice President of “Poets for Peace”, has declared: “ Our times are still characterised by bloody conflicts, threats of war and millions of dollars spent on weapons. But this innate human vocation to work hard on social activities and mercy, make us realize that the desire of peace can not be invoked as a right. It is, maybe, first of all, a social commitment, a duty”.
The consuls of Czech Republic, Iceland and Norway joined to the message, in addition to mayor Lumbini (Nepal), home town of Buddha.