2017 (EN)

26 HofN of as many Mediterranean Euro countries participated in the “Meeting of Headsof the National Networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL)”. On the agenda:

  • the situation of the FAL and relations with the Secretariat of Alexandria;
  • the discomfort created in the Italian network after the discussion about the duration of the mandate of the Leader “Fondazione Mediterraneo” expiring in September 2018.

On the first point, it was decided to write first to the Secretariat and, in case of non-compliance with the requests, to the European Commission.
On the second point, the Leaders unanimously wrote a letter to the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs requesting respect for the choices of the Italian Network and confirming that they did not recognize and did not cooperate with a designated and non-democratically elected leader. To this end, together with members of the Advisory Council and representatives of international organizations, they signed an appeal addressed to the Foreign Minister and the President of the Italian Republic.