2017 (EN)

Great excitement among visitors to the Museum of Peace and the emotional journey dedicated to the "Voices of Migrants" and trafficking in human beings, on the occasion of the "World Day against Trafficking in Human Beings".
In collaboration with the "Don Bosco Missions" in the world, visitors were able to see videos and documents that testify to this catastrophe of our days, which produces 21 million victims!
In connection with Piazza San Pietro, Pope Francis' appeal:"I wish to recall the commitment of all to ensure that this aberrant scourge, a form of modern slavery, is adequately opposed. Let us pray together to the Virgin Mary to support the victims of trafficking and convert the hearts of traffickers.”
And then he concluded with a tonearm:"It seems that they are so used to it that they consider it a normal thing. This is ugly, cruel and criminal!
The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella uses strong words to condemn the trafficking in human beings that is causing thousands of victims. His note reads:"The international community cannot witness these tragedies. Most victims of trafficking are women and children. Their cry of pain does not remain unheard of. Their right to life and fundamental rights are closely linked to our own. No people or citizens can remain indifferent as long as only one human being is forced to live as a slave. In the Mediterranean, this commitment has a great deal to do with the fight against the criminal gangs that manage the smuggling of migrants and refugees".
"Trafficking in human beings is an atrocious and unacceptable crime, which is periodically reaffirmed in the history of humanity and challenges our consciences - continued the Head of State - It is important that the United Nations has decided to dedicate a World Day against trafficking in human beings, with the aim of raising awareness among citizens and institutions, recalling each one of them to the moral duty and civil dignity of a fight without frontiers against these forms of slavery. It is necessary to fight this anti-human traffic with all the necessary energies, and also with an overview".
Mattarella identifies urgent action to be taken:"Cooperation and development should be promoted to dry up the catchment areas of extreme poverty, which lead to the relying on unscrupulous criminal organisations. We must stop weapons that destabilise entire societies, in order to promote peace, rights and civilisation. At the same time, it is necessary to identify and strike with appropriate instruments the traffickers' organisations, breaking networks of complicity and connivance".
"In international law, trafficking in human beings is distinct from illegal smuggling of migrants, but it is also supported and fuelled by ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs that drive their victims towards conditions of servitude and personal annihilation. The solidarity and civilisation of Europeans must be put at the service of an effective fight against these death merchants,"concludes the President of the Republic.