2017 (EN)

Hundreds of posters bear the inscription "NO TENIM POR"(WE ARE NOT AFRAID). It is especially children who hold them in their hands.

I was in Barcelona a few days before the attack in the same places. Returning today, although with the shield of half a million people, is not the same thing!
Cities are like men: they are born, grow, grow, develop, fall ill and can die.
Barcelona - such as Paris, Munich, Nice, London and many other cities affected by the terrorist attacks - will never be able to return again as before. They will have to learn to work out what happened and to live with each other, continuing their journey through the history of the world.
Today was a beautiful day where the desire for freedom and democracy also prevailed over independent spirits who could create problems. That was not the case. "ALL UNITED WE WILL SONG", my father said. I would add: “ONLY UNITED WE WILL WIN”. ALSO AGAINST TERRORISM.

Michele Capasso