2017 (EN)

Luca Palazzo, an expert of the ENI CBC Med Programme Management Authority, assigned for some time to the Sardinia Region, explained the main points of the new programme and the forthcoming calls dedicated to standard projects.
On this occasion he presented the various stages of the programme's presentation in the partner countries held or planned in Nicosia, Athens, Valencia, Malta, Lisbon, Marseilles, Amman, Beirut, Rome, Cairo, Tuisi, Jerusalem and Ramallah.
The aim of these meetings is to provide potential partners with all the information necessary for the submission of project proposals under the first call, which amounts to € 84.6 million. The following points are discussed and examined:

  • Objectives and priorities of the “call”;
  • Participation and eligibility rules;
  • Evaluation criteria for project proposals;
  • Complete the application form and other documents that make up the offer.

By participating in these events, you have the opportunity to ask questions to representatives of programme management structures and national authorities.
In a meeting with President Capasso, the proposal of the Fondazione Mediterraneo to spread the programme with its networks in order to strengthen its participation and promote it in the Museum of Peace - MAMT through video and multimedia communication systems was analyzed.