2017 (EN)

“The Planet First": this inscription stands on the balcony of the Municipality of Barcelona and from here Michele Capasso and Andreu Claret comment on Trump's absurd decision and the need for institutions and bodies of civil society to mobilize to avoid the slow suicide of our planet.
On 5 June 2017, as every year, the World Environment Day is celebrated: this event was conceived in the seventies, when it was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly.
This is a symbolic date, used as an important occasion to talk about environmental issues, which are too often overshadowed.
Every year there is a theme, which is designed to bring attention to a particular aspect. The 1974 was "Only One Earth"; this year's "Connecting People to Nature".
A "host" country of World Environment Day has also been chosen for some years: this year is Canada, in 2015 it was Italy.