2017 (EN)

A meeting was held at the ENI - CBC MED programme headquarters between the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso and the Director General of the ENI - CBC MED programme Anna Catte.
On this occasion, President Capasso presented to DG Catte the thirty-year activity of the Fondazione Mediterraneo at the service of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and offered the willingness to contribute to the dissemination, promotion and valorisation of the projects carried out as well as the next actions of the ENI - CBC MED programme: through the Foundation's network in the countries of the Southern Mediterranean Riva and special spaces with high multimedia and communication technology at the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples.
On this occasion, President Capasso summed up the main actions undertaken by the Foundation since 1991: from the Euromed Civilian Forums to Cinemamed and Medpri programmes, to the creation of important bodies such as the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean. At the end of the meeting, the programme of the training seminar in Naples (15-16 June 2017) was presented where, among other things, the ENI - CBC MED programme will be presented.
President Capasso Emanuele Cabras and Daniele Cocco of Open Med accompanied them.
Present at the meeting, for ENI - CBC MED, the coordinator of the joint technical secretariat Roberto Carpano and the programme expert Luca Palazzo.