2016 (EN)

The first General Assembly of the "Anna Lindh Italia Onlus Federation" was held, consisting of representatives of over 600 Italian organizations and institutions engaged in dialogue, peace and international cooperation.
The "Federation" is part of the Italian Network of the "Anna Lindh Foundation" - based in Alexandria - to which it contributes members' contribution in cultural and operational terms.
At the General Assembly were 53 members representing 460 bodies and institutions.
On this occasion, the conclusions of the MED FORUM Alf of Malta (23-25 October 2015) were analyzed, on the basis of which the most significant projects being implemented by the members were presented and the project "The Intercultural City" with a presentation of "The City of Dialogue" by prof. Massimo Pica Ciamarra.
At the conclusion of the work was decided to:

  • To propose the project "Intercultural City" to the General Assembly of the Italian Network ALF with the involvement of all the members concerned.
  • Include in the "Intercultural City" project the competences and capabilities of the various members of the "Federation" arising from the Assembly.
  • Request to the Assembly of Founding Members of the Federation, which will take place in Florence on 14 and 15 November, to put in place all the initiatives to enhance the work of the Network and present it to the main institutions of reference.