2016 (EN)

Today, Wednesday, June 29,2016, Naples opens the doors of the MUSEUM OF PEACE - MAMT (Mediterranean, Art, Architecture, Archaeology, Environment, Music, Migration, Traditions, Tourism): a space created by the Fondazione Mediterraneo, for over 25 years committed to dialogue and peace in the Mediterranean and the World.
The museum, conceived and directed by MICHELE CAPASSO, is located in the historic building of the former "Grand Hotel de Londres" in Piazza Municipio, in the heart of Naples, a few steps from the metro station designed by Alvaro Siza and the cruise port: a place for dialogue between the Mediterranean civilizations in which countries and international institutions join with the Mediterranean Foundation to counter terrorism through a unique and fascinating experience in the 12 emotional paths and in the spaces dedicated to Pino Daniele and Mario Molinari.
The Museum, with free admission, is a "House" to welcome and protect, as it is perceived by the word "MAMT", which in Neapolitan means "Thy Mother", the one who "welcomes". In the 5 floors on which the museum is located, it tells the story of what has united and unites the peoples of the Mediterranean and the World: Music, Science, Art, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Solidarity, Traditions, Costumes, Food, Destiny....
It is possible to visit twelve emotional paths, based on important themes such as Migration, Interreligious Dialogue, Music, Stories of Peace, Legality, all guided by more than 5,000 videos in high definition (4k) and by objects, finds and testimonies unique in the world that have contributed to define the Museum as "emotional heritage of humanity" and to give it the title of "Museum of Emotions".
Countries and international institutions - including the ONU, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean and others - have adhered to the Museum's mission: to promote through high definition videos the "beauty" and what unites us. In the next 3 years "emotional" videos "on the environment, art, archaeology, architecture, religions and everything that unites us will be made all over the world (starting from the Mediterranean).
The Fondazione Mediterraneo already now proposes - through a system unique in the world, located on the 5 floors of the building, and with the help of 100 large videowalls - the vision of the first 200 videos made with music by Pino Daniele: the great musician is in fact dedicated to an entire floor of the Museum, in the section "PINO DANIELE ALIVE", in which his artistic life and his work is told,"emotionally".
The project of the Museum of Peace was founded in 1997, when President Michele Capasso appeals to more than 2,000 representatives of 36 countries meeting in Naples by the Mediterranean Foundation on the need to give peace a symbol was chosen then the "TOTEM OF PEACE" by sculptor MARIO MOLINARI and asked for a space to tell a story different from what we are being offered daily by the media (terrorism, migrants who die, corruption, poverty, wars) made of what unites us in beautiful, true, good: environment, architecture, art, traditions, culture, crafts, crafts, archeology, music, dance, etc.