2015 (EN)

In occasion of the 11/09, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will host two important meetings in favour of dialogue and peace.
The first is the meeting of Advisory Board of Anna Lindh Foundation – composed of 43 Mediterranean countries – and aims at the re-launching of International actions in face of the challenges of migration phenomenons. The Foundation, was born in the 2003 under the UE Italian Presidency as a tool for the Union for the Mediterranean in the activities of intercultural dialogue and the strengthen of civil society in the South Mediterranean shore.
The meeting will be opened by the newly appointed President Elisabeth Guigou, along with the new president of Foreign Affairs Commission for French National Assembly and will join the Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mario Giro and the Minister of Education, Universities and Research Stefania Giannini.
The second meeting is that one of RIDE – Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue- established in 2013 by MAECI and by the most important Italian institutions active in the field of dialogue and cooperation. The RIDE general assembly has been summoned by the president Michele Capasso and is important in order to decide the guide lines for the biennial 2016-18 and will appoint the new Executive Board.
At the end of the day it will be held a meeting between the Anna Lindh Foundation Consultative Board and RIDE, Italian Network of the same Foundation. The event will be held in Rome as recognition of the Italian crucial role, as country with the most active Civil Society present in the Anna Lindh Foundation. Italy will offer to Anna Lindh Foundation its Documentation Center and Museum which are now in a phase of multimedia requalification. Both the museum and the documentation centre are hosted in the building of Fondazione Mediterraneo in Naples. The Fondazione, during its 25 years of activity, contributed to the establishment and development of Anna Lindh Foundation.