2015 (EN)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation hosted the General Assembly of RIDE: “Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue” which brings together bodies, institutions and organizations which have been involved for years in the construction of dialogue and peace in the Euro – Mediterranean area and among all of them the  Fondazione Mediterraneo
is remarkable. The Min.Pl. Enrico Granara and the hon. President of RIDE Michele Capasso coordinated the meeting.
The president of Anna Lindh Foundation Elisabeth Guigou joined the meeting praising the role of Italian network and its fundamental contribution in the establishment and development of Anna Lindh Foundation.
The necessity of dialogue between Islamic-Arabic world and Western was on the agenda, in the same day of the anniversary of New York attack.
“Thousands of human beings are meandering in the heart of Europe in the last few years - has declared the president Michele Capasso – and this is the most beautiful thing that I had occasion to experience.  For decades the voice of people was entrusted to political exponents, which were ex pressing only their interests, fears, secret agreements, hypocrisy, hate and selfishness. And now, before a epochal tragedy which involve and will involves everybody, different populations discovered that their lives have sense just if we recognize the pleasure and the richness of live together.
In conclusion the members of  RIDE met the Advisory Board of Anna Lindh Foundation and the ambassador Executive Director Hatem Atallah.
On this occasion, the Fondazione Mediterraneo was elected Head of the Italian Network for the period 11.09.2015 - 11.09.2018.