2015 (EN)

Augusto Montaruli photographes the works of Molinari’s house: a travel through the works of the artist “sculptor of the artist”, his irony, his culture. An exhibition in the evocative structure of Castel Dell’Ovo, which through the photography tells the “travels” in Molinari’s house and the magic which dwells in it. The beauty and the colours. The forms and the words. Copper sculptures, scenographyc artworks, drawings. A travel and a photographic report about Mario Molinari and his Museum House, lead by the several hands which Molinari always loved to draw. The event got the patronage of Culture and Tourism Naples Department and Fondazione Mediterraneo.
With the collaboration of Jacopo Molinari (Mario Molinari’s association) and Massimo Pizzoglio (Dobhran Cultural Association).
Joined the vernissage Pia Molinari, Fara Paolillo, Michele Capasso, Edith di Pace, Antonio Luongo.