2014 (EN)

A delegation from Fondazione Mediterraneo joined in Assisi at Saint Francesco’s holiday, bringing with them the feelings of youngers from all over the world and who decided to gather in Naples on the same date. "Three are the messagges which Assisi send to the govern”said the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi during his speech at Saint Francesco’s holiday. "The first - he said – invites us to respect the environment, the Creation and to pursue a human and sustainable way of life”. The second, continued Renzi – starts from the expression “Go and fix our house” which means fix our country, focusing on job issue, public administration, justice and school”. Speaking about job, Renzi mentioned the AST trial of Terni, thinking about “all women and men who are waiting for the end of a difficult negotiation”. "The third message it is about the ‘Perfect Joy’ which refers to a lifestyle and a eco-friendly way of life. A greeting to all people named Francesco and a greeting to all of us named Italy in the hope to carry on our future. “Merry San Francesco’s day to Italy!", ended Renzi.