2013 (EN)

The Foundation has planned of “M.A.M.T” – Mediterranean Museum of Arts, music and traditions.

“I have no children. It saddens me, therefore, thought that the objects that I collected all these years and I know at home, one day, will be lost. So I put them at the disposal of those who wanted to create a collection or a museum that would collect part of this extraordinary cultural heritage”.

Peppe Barra said, on the sidelines of the meeting for the presentation of his book “diary of an artist”, which was held in the municipal library of Vesuvian Culture of San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples). Remember the artist’s personal and professional, with curiosity and anecdotes related to mother Concetta, articulated between themselves by Patricia white, curator of the text, Giuseppina Scognamiglio, Director of “Playwriting” Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane and Giorgio Zala, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for enhancement of the Vesuvian villas, moderated by Vincenzo Liguori, President of the Association “St. George” Progetto that promoted the initiative. After the artist has made available to offer part of its own heritage “made of objects and typical of Neapolitan jewelry more true to anyone who wants to be a custodian of immense cultural patrimony, as well as affective”.

“I would like to take this opportunity-announced the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, present in the audience-to communicate the assignment to Peppe Barra del Premio Mediterraneo on culture 2013, making me wish jury spokesman meeting in Marseille last April 10 and the upcoming implementation of the “M.A.M.T, Mediterranean Museum of Arts, music and traditions” which are working on the Foundation. The prize, second only to the Nobel Prize, was established in 1993 and already in 2006 Italy’s Ambassador in Cairo Antonio Badini, has proposed the assignment to Peppe Barra but the work of the jury, composed of 3000 members of 43 different countries, took 7 years.

“We are happy,” said Zala - share the Museum project as administration and already in the coming days we will start a discussion table with the Foundation to define the modalities of our intervention. It is not excluding the possibility of making it a home here in San Giorgio a Cremano

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