2013 (EN)

Dear Friends, Dear Friends,
This year, I am writing to ask you to donate 5x1000 to the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
We are committed for 20 years to promote dialogue and peace and we are dedicating every resource and engaging our lives, as documented extensively on this portal and on www.euromedi.org
Among the projects underway report:
The Totem of peace, which is spreading throughout the world as a symbol of brotherhood between peoples

  • The Mediterranean Observatory on the rights of the child.
  • The Mediterranean Observatory on women’s needs
  • The Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and the mafia
  • The project of “inter-ethnic city”.

Our Foundation has distinguished itself since its inception, the concreteness of the results and the unanimous wise use of resources, recognized by the official audit and from international organizations.
I ask you, therefore, a small gesture that will allow all of us to continue to “embrace” the Peace and transform – at this difficult moment in history – the love for power in the power of love, which is indispensable for building our future:
For the 5x1000 to the Fondazione Mediterraneo Onlus by affixing the signature and indicating the Foundation’s tax code



Thank you
Michele Capasso