2013 (EN)

In a truly historical week in which members of parliaments, cities, young people and women, as well as civil society organizations to relaunch the Mediterranean partnership came together in Marseille, at a meeting in the Regional Headquarters, President Vauzelle paid tribute to the Fondazione Mediterraneo’s 20 year contribution towards building dialogue and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and the “extraordinary” commitment of its President Michele Capasso.
“You cannot open a single door in the Mediterranean without hearing mention of Michele Capasso – a generous man with a vision, who beat us all off the mark in undertaking the steps necessary for building dialogue and cooperation among the peoples of Our Sea. This Sea has been enlarged to embrace the Gulf, the Balkans and the Black Sea countries – and he was there a decade before international initiatives took off in the area”.
Those attending the ceremony included Minister Plenipotentiary Stefano Queirolo Palmas (Central Deputy Director of MfA – Italy), Leila Shahid (Palestinian Ambassador to the European Union), Aliki Moschis (Member of the Anna Lindh Foundation Consultative Committee), Lamia Radi (Cultural Director of Cooperation of MfA-Morocco and member of the Anna Lindh Foundaton Consultative Committee), Paolo Segala (ALF Italian Network), the Director General of the General Union for Cultural Centers of Gaza Yousri Darwish and representatives of national networks of the ALF.

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