2013 (EN)

The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso, sent his well wishes to Pope Francis I at the start of his Pontificate.

“The esteem we feel towards his Holiness can be translated as a sentiment of “maternity””: it is the Highest Expression of Human Sentiment, which is communicated through esteem, friendship and brotherhood”, as President Capasso wrote in his letter to the Pope.

He continued, “His words of kindness and tenderness and his emotion, as he incited young people to turn to Christ, are elements of pride and should fill people the with knowledge of all his current and future teachings, which will flourish and bear fruit!.

And this, henceforth, “for when I’m weak, I’m strong”, to quote Saint Paul. The deeds you have done, Your Holiness, in recent years, and those you will continue to do, will bear fruit: and nothing you have done or will do will be lost on us. “His seed” is simply waiting for the soil to be prepared for it. Each in its own time! To prevent precious seeds falling on poor soil, which do not bear fruit or fall by the way side, or mature out of season…

Holiness, with your help we can transform "the Love of Power”, which has poisoned and continues to poison every element of our society, including religion, into “the Power of Love”. This means dedication in silence with humility, simplicity, rigour and acting competently for the poor, disinherited and socially excluded from society”.