2012 (EN)


The ceremony for the change of command at the Nunziatella Military Academy in Naples. The new Commander, who took over from Colonel Bernardo Barbarotto is Colonel Maurizio Napoletano, from the Third division of the Armed Forces- Operational Center of the Italian State Army.

The ceremony took place in the Vittorio Veneto Court in the presence of, among others, the Commander of the Military Academy of Modena, General Division, Massimiliano Del Casale. The President of the Fondazione Michele Capasso and other members – including architect Vittorio di Pace and Claudio Azzolini – took part in the ceremony. At this occasion, the two commanders awarded the highest honour of “Friend of Nunziatella” to the Fondazione Mediterraneo.

In acknowledgement of the honour officially bestowed on the Fondazione Mediterraneo, President Capasso informed those attending of the jury’s decision to award the Mediterranean Award for Bearers of Peace to all the departing commanders of the Nunziatella academy.


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