At the Fondazione Mediterraneo the General Assembly of the "Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation" was held in Naples, consisting of representatives of Italian organizations and institutions engaged in dialogue and peace.
The Agenda of the Day - prepared by the Pilotage Committee - developed around the recommendations and conclusions of the MED FORUM of Malta (23-25 ​​October 2016) and the meetings of the Heads of National Networks and 5 + 5 in Marseilles (26 and October 28, 2016) so that they can find fulfillment in Italian reality right through the ALF National Network.
To this end, a capacity-building session was held (November 9, 2016) and the most significant projects being implemented by members, many of whom have prepared the "Intercultural City" project with a presentation of "The City of Dialogue" by Prof. Massimo Pica Ciamarra.
At the end of the work, two documents were prepared and shared: one concerning the statement of principles and the other the operational conclusions.
The RIDE Association held a self-organized session on the development of the Italian ALF Network in the last year.