Great enthusiasm among the guys of the GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL 2021 visiting the Museum - Peace - MAMT, the "emotional" heritage of humanity. Accompanied by president Michele Capasso and the guides - in full compliance with Covid 19 rules - they visited the main emotional paths: from "VOICES OF MIGRANTS" to "A SEA THREE FAITHS", from "ANCIENT EGYPT" to "CRIBS", from “THE MEDITERRANEAN OF EMOTIONS” to “PINO DANIELE ALIVE”.
Of particular interest are the ancient Mosque, the Synagogue, the Sphinx and all the emotional videos on "THE CAMPANIA OF EMOTIONS".
Great enthusiasm for the “PINO DANIELE ALIVE” section.
The visit was organized as part of the "SIXTEEN WAYS TO SAY HELLO" project (2018 - PAN - 02172).