President Michele Capasso presented a preview of the video "Naples Metropolitan City" in Rome.
This video is a summary of the book "Towards Naples Metropolitan City" and was made by Michele Capasso for the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The objective is to demonstrate the importance of moving rapidly from the "Metropolitan City of Naples" to "Naples Metropolitan City".
Edited by "Civilizing the Urban - ETS" (with Patrizia Bottaro and Massimo Pica Ciamarra) and "NA.ME. - Institute for the Transformations of Naples Metropolitan City" (with Pasquale Belfiore, Alessandro Castagnaro, Ottorino Celano, Massimo Clemente, Annalola Geirola, Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Riccardo Rosi) with contributions from Valerio Barone (institutional aspects), Michele Capasso, Livio De Santoli (energy and sustainability), Paolo Frascani (economic history), Claudio Troisi (infrastructure and mobility) and Gennaro Russo and Claudio Voto (Italian Institute for the Future / Center for Near Space).