Great emotion at the Museum of Peace - MAMT where on the big screens, in compliance with the COVID 19 regulations, a group of visitors enjoyed the Riccardo Muti Concert broadcast by RAIUNO.
The Concert for Syria was conducted on 5 July 2020 by Maestro Riccardo Muti at the Archaeological Park of Paestum for "The ways of friendship", as part of the Ravenna Festival. An event, between music and solidarity, that Rai Cultura proposed today 23 July at 11.15 pm on Rai1.
Together with Muti, the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra and the Syrian Expat Philharmonic Orchestra, which offer Symphony n. 3 in E flat major, op. 55 "Eroica" by Ludwig van Beethoven. To precede the performance of the Symphony, the performances of the singer Aynur Doğan and the artist Zehra Doğan, both of Kurdish origin.
The concert was dedicated to Hevrin Khalaf (1984-2019) young Syrian Kurdish woman, raped and victim of a barbarian ambush and to Khaled al-Assad (1932-2015) archaeologist, director of the Archaeological Site of Palmira who died beheaded because he wanted to defend the heritage history of that area.
President Capasso recalled on this occasion the ancient friendship with Khaled al-Assad and, before the concert, he screened an unpublished video of Palmyra: the members of the Foundation present briefly illustrated all the initiatives that the Foundation has undertaken since 2011 to help innocent victims of the civil war in Syria.
The show was supported by the Campania Region in collaboration with the Salerno Chamber of Commerce and the Ravenna Festival, promoted and organized by Scabec in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia and with the Municipality of Capaccio.
The first major post-Covid-19 event, with over 800 spectators.