From Friday 30 October to Sunday 10 January 2021, the "Luci d'Artista" exhibition returns to Turin, reaching its 23rd edition this year.
Among the works created since the first edition there is "Concerto di parole" by the Turin sculptor Mario Molinari; since then, in 1998, gigantic sculptures made of expanded polystyrene and painted in bright colors illuminated by powerful headlights seemed to want to break into the darkness of the night: massive in appearance, but in reality light, they were composed of cylinders, parallelepipeds and other solid figures. From that first edition of Luci d'Artista the work was located in the square and via Madama Cristina and the sculptures were placed in part on the roofs of the covered market and in part (the so-called "men" elements) hung in mid-air for a stretch of via Madama Cristina, from corso Vittorio Emanuele II to corso Marconi.
In this edition there is an important novelty constituted by the new location of Mario Molinari's Concerto di parole near the Regina Margherita Hospital (Piazza Polonia, at exit of the underpass of Corso Spezia, in District 8).
The magic of the "sculptor of color" continues