At the Museum of Peace - MAMT an international poetic reading took place with the participation of representatives of poets coming from Israel: Nurit Cederbonn, Sara Aronovitch Karpanos, Rahven Shabbat, Michal Doron, Hain Sefti, Tal Bello, Balfour Makak.
With declamations of verses in Hebrew they have praised the peace.
At the beginning a message was sent by the Mayor Luigi de Magistris, aimed at underlining the value of the initiative and the vocation to dialogue of the City of Naples, "hinge of the Mediterranean people."
Michele Capasso, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, has launched a heartfelt appeal to the poets present, mostly from Campania, to overturn the mediocrity of this phase of our time in human relations, with the widespread inability to face the new multiethnic challenges and cohesion to which we are called.
Maria Pia Molinari, Director of the Museum of Peace, has proposed a relationship on the marriage between art and peace, meaning poetry a fundamental and indispensable element in the joy of living.
Next was attorney Domenico Ciruzzi, President of the Naples Prize Foundation, presenting to the audience the importance of sharing and creating culture as the basis of every peace process. The reference to cynicism in Kafka's reflection, which preceded the Great War, is emblematic: "Germany has declared war on Russia. In the afternoon swimming course."
The event was characterized by a strong presence of Neapolitan poets, who were able to enrich the celebration of Poets for Peace, also in relation to the centenary of the conclusion of the First World War, with "free and loose verses", declaimed by Edoardo Elisei, artistic director of "Poets for Peace".