The "We citizens for Naples" Association of Angelo Colella and the Fondazione Mediterraneo organized a meeting with Alessandro Barbano and presented his book "Too many rights. Italy betrayed by freedom "(Mondadori Editori).
The works were introduced by President Michele Capasso and moderated by prof. Massimo Lo Cicero.
Among the present the proff. Massimo Pica Ciamarra, Maurizio Iaccarino, Nello Polese; journalists Santa Di Salvo Giorgio Gradogna, Said Margoul; entrepreneurs Fulvio Merlino, Ettore Cucari, Bibi Giurazza; the politicians Luciano Schifone and Massimo Adinolfi.
The author, Alessandro Barbano, underlined the need to re-weave the frayed threads of our consciences with the power of culture and the urgency of balancing the relationship between rights and duties.
Members of the Anna Lindh Italia Federation participated.