Since 1994 Fondazione Mediterraneo promots activities for youths: seminars, workshops, twinnings, publications, concerts, exhibitions and many others, in order to create a real cooperation among youths all over the world.
In particular, the Museum of Peace - MAMT aims to restore confidence to young people by telling the "positive" that surrounds us with an unprecedented multimedia system.
Over the last thirty years, the Foundation has carried out over 3,000 initiatives in favor of young people.
Below, just as an example, are reported the main ones.
All the activities carried out are reported in the GENERAL LIST BY YEAR


The Mediterranean Laboratory Foundation, within the framework of the activities of its independent Institute “Almamed”, coordinated by the University of Bologna, promoted, organized and supported exchanges of students between the Universities of Bologna and Marrakesh on the subject “Sciences of the Earth”.
In this context, the students of Bologna University went to Marrakesh to study the Atlas Mountains.

The Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament was born in Berlin, in the Abgeordnetenhaus, headquarter of the Regional Parliament.

The project has been presented in Naples on the occasion of the two Euro-Mediterranean Youth Workshops organized in 2005 and 2006 by Fondazione Mediterraneo.

President Capasso and Vice-President Arcidiacono took part in the meeting in Berlin, and they offered the office in Naples as the site for the permanent secretariat of the new Euro-Mediterranean Youth Parliament, and Italy as site for next assembly.
These two proposals were officially reported in the Euromed Committee document of 5-6 July 2007.

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The second youth workshop focused on The Role of Youth in a renewed social and cultural interaction in the Greater Mediterranean Area. This workshop was organized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo together with the Euro-Mediterranean Youth Platform and with the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

After the great success of last year event, the Fondazione Mediterraneo has considered very important and essential to organize again this event which focuses on young people coming from Euro-Mediterranean, East Europe, and Arab countries. The workshop took place at the Vesuvio Hall of the Fondazione Mediterraneo in Via Depretis 130, Naples.

The young participants were asked to discuss on topics such as the intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean and Arab world, the role of youth in this dialogue and the opportunities deriving form it.

The President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso inaugurated the meeting. The Plenipotentiary Ministry Cosimo Risi, the Director of the Euro-Med Youth Platform Giovanni Buttigieg, the President of the Study Center and European Initiatives Ce.S.I.E. ONLUS Vito La Fata and the Vice-President of the Regione Campania Antonio Valiante attended the meeting to discuss with the young participants.

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During the second semester of the year 1997, the Mediterranean Foundation involved young people from various Euro-Mediterranean Countries in meetings and seminars on Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. A number of preparatory meetings were held, with the participation of about 600 young people in the Hall “Santa Chiara” inside the homonymous building.

The Mediterranean Foundation distributed books and teaching – information papers. The final meeting, held on November 15th 1997 at Teatrino di Corte in the Royal Palace of Naples, aimed at selecting the 600 young people who participated, later on, in the 2nd Euromed Civil Forum, giving important contributions of proposals thanks to the preparation achieved during the previous meetings and seminars.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo together with the Anna Lindh Foundation and the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the Euromed Youth Workshop, in which young people between 18 and 30 years old coming from Euromed and Arab non-Euromed countries took part.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Gianfranco Fini and President of the Region of Campania Antonio Bassolino participated in the work session.

This event was an integral part of the FM’s main action, i.e. to promote dialogue between young people in the Mediterranean and worldwide.
The subject of the workshop was “The Role of Young Women in Society: How to fight against Social Stereotyping”
The conclusions were presented to the UE with the request to continue these meetings for the next 5 years.

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