Since 1994 Fondazione Mediterraneo promots activities for youths: seminars, workshops, twinnings, publications, concerts, exhibitions and many others, in order to create a real cooperation among youths all over the world.
In particular, the Museum of Peace - MAMT aims to restore confidence to young people by telling the "positive" that surrounds us with an unprecedented multimedia system.
Over the last thirty years, the Foundation has carried out over 3,000 initiatives in favor of young people.
Below, just as an example, are reported the main ones.
All the activities carried out are reported in the GENERAL LIST BY YEAR


From 1-4th December, the Moroccan Youth Forum for the Third Millennium together with  the National Association for Studies and Research in Development organized an international meeting on the theme of “Young people and Human Safety”,  in collaboration with  the Agence du Sud, the Groupe OCP, the Wilaya of Dakhla , the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Royal Air Maroc, the World Peace Organisation and the Fondazione Mediterraneo  in Dakhal,
The meeting took place at a time in which Morocco is undergoing historical,  political, social and economic reform in a global context that is marked by profound transformations. More than 220 ardent peace supporters participated. Among them were young people aged between  18 to 35 from Africa, the Arab World, Asia, Europe and North and South America.
The meeting was animated by experts on human safety and key figures from all over the world. The event included cultural and artistic activities as well as solidarity actions for the populations of Dakhla. Agreements were also signed in favor of young people from the Southern Provinces of Morocco.

At the end of the forum, youth representatives from five continents signed a Memorandum constituting a Global Youth Network for Human Safety.

Driss Guerraoui, the National Coordinator  of the Moroccan Youth Forum for the Third Millennium  and members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo presided over the meeting.

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The 2011 edition of MeYouMe took place in Cosenza bringing together 200 youths from 18 different Countries. On this occasion, the MANY Network was launched – “Mediterranean Autonomous Network for Youth”.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo has supported this initiative through its programme of activities at the Mediterranean  youth centre.
It was a good example of synergy between the Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and its “Youth Network Minister of Labour”, who contributed to the success of the initiative.
President Capasso participated in the work reiterating the values and activities carried out by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Italian Network (Rete Italiana). The Ministry of Labour promoted this initiative through an advertising campaign on major TV channels.

MeYouMe is all about meeting – an adventure on a return voyage – between  an I and a YOU, between ME and YOU! 
It is where the green of the earth meets the blue of the sea.
The sea is the Mediterranean: a crossroads for people, travel, economic exchange and cultural interaction. The earth is made of peoples, faces and the stories narrating the history of this sea, a sea they traverse and inhabit.

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The Liceo Scientifico Da Procida, the INTERACT CLUB Salerno and the INNER WHEEL Salerno presented the conference Mediterranean and youth: from the desert to the web which took place on February the 12th at the Aula magna of the liceum.

Michele Capasso president of Fondazione Mediterraneo was the moderator. Through the internet, Capasso put a connection with students in Morocco. Protagonist of many peace-events in the Mediterranean areas, Capasso told his own experiences around the world, promoting the project of the Totem for Peace.

The conference was organized by the president of INTERACT CLUB Salerno, Chiara Picarone together with the president of INNER WHEEL Salerno Marianna Bortone Blasi. The Principal of the Liceo Da Procida, prof. Antonio Vairo and representants from the CLUB ROTARY of Salerno also took part to the event.

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Under the aegis of Fondazione Mediterraneo, it took place from 27th to 30th of November, the 2009 edition of MeYouMe - Mediterranean Youth Meeting on the subject "Youth, social inclusion and development in the Mediterranean area".

The Meeting focused on the connection between development and inclusion, that is sustainable development on a social and environmental level.

For the occasion it was played the Mediterranean Hymn, created by Maestro Betta especially for the Fondazione Mediterraneo.

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