The World Urban Forum organized a “Women’s Round Table”, on the theme of actions for the economic development of women in cities.  Within the frame work of this meeting, guidelines were developed on the basis of the Gender Equality Action Assembly (GEAA) in relation to the active policies to be adopted. The working sessions involved the participation of grass roots organizations, experts and academics on the subject who collaborate with the UN.

This type of event in Naples is an opportunity for our Region and country to contribute to the network of organizations that work towards empowerment of women through the promotion of exchanges and by giving voice to  the need for employment and decision-making of women in the South. 
The FONDAZIONE MEDITERRANEO was a major partner at this event and Caterina Arcidiacono introduced the work of the Round Table emphasizing that “gender inequalities and obstacles to the active presence of women are two still very widespread problems in urban areas. Prosperity in cities does not necessarily lead to a more equitable distribution of resources between men and women. Women contribute significantly to the economic wealth of cities, but tend to benefit less from the wealth they generate. To accelerate the achievement of Millennium Development Goals, increased gender equality,  empowerment of women and youths is essential; the economic well-being of women and gender equality in a broad sense are closely connected to all development-related themes. Both ownership or control of productive activities (such as land and dwellings) have the advantages, among others, of accelerating development, contributing to overcoming poverty and reducing inequality”.

On that occasion, the Fondazione Mediterraneo organized and carried out other in

For this occasion, the Fondazione Mediterraneo organized and held other international events to further strengthen the international standing of the City of Naples.

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The Fondazione Mediterraneo pamphlet for the WUF

Special Edition of the Mediterranean Award

The “Lawful and Safe Cities” Programme

The Youth Assembly

Speech by President Michele Capasso IT ENG

The Women’s Assembly

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