The Fondazione Mediterraneo supported the “Euro-Mediterranean Concert for Dialogue among Cultures”, on the occasion of the year 2010 proclaimed by United Nations “International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures”.

The event was arranged by the Fondazione Mediterraneo in cooperation with the Theatre of San Carlo, signer of a memorandum of understanding that includes this event every year.

The Concert has grown internationally for the dialogue and peace, for its combination with “Mediterranean Award”, considered today as one of the most world wide renowned acknoledgments and for the unveiling of the “Totem for Peace" by the Turin sculptor Mario Molinari.

The Concert programme envisaged the presence of great artists coming from different Euro-Mediterranean Countries. It aimed at making Naples and the Theatre of San Carlo the “symbol place” in which the identities and cultures of the Mediterranean Sea meet and join thanks to the music.

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