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During His pastoral visit the Holy Father Francis dedicated particular attention to the migrants.
His words were:

I would like to answer to the sister who spoke in behalf of migrants and homeless people.
She asked for a word which ensures that migrants too are citizens and God’s sons. Is it necessary to arrive at this point? Are migrants second class human beings? We owe let our migrant sisters and brothers that they are citizens as us, God’s sons, they are migrants as us, because we are all migrants to somewhere and maybe we all arrive it. Nobody has to lose the road. We are all migrants, we are all sons of a God who put us in walk. It is not possible to say: “Migrants are in this way and we are in this way”. No! We are all migrants, we are all walking a path. This sentence is not written on a book, but is in our flesh, life path which ensures us that we are migrants, we are all walking and this ensure us that in Jesus we are all sons of God, beloved, desired and saved. Let’s think about this: we are all migrants in the life path, nobody as a stable house in this world, everyone has to go. And we have to go to God: one by one or as that old clever man: “Yes, of course, you can start going, I’ll come as last.”

These words had been pronounced just few minutes before the departure of the Holy Father while he was passing before the Monument with the urn of the Unknown Migrant” , blessing the participants. In the monument has been hosted the urn with the remains of the “Unknown Migrant”.

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