MAIN EVENTS 2008-2022

Don Luigi Ciotti spoke in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio at the day "Love is not enough...Choose to be" organised by the Liceo scientifico Salvatore Di Giacomo in the presence of Mayor Panico, the school headmaster Pandolfi and a large number of students fascinated by his words on the themes of legality and the fight against mafias.
Don Luigi Ciotti in 2019 - during a ceremony at the Prefecture of Chieti - received on behalf of "Libera" the "RAFFAELE CAPASSO" MEDITERRANEAN PRIZE FOR LEGALITY.
And today it is in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, where Raffale Capasso was Mayor of Reconstruction for 40 years in the name of legality and the fight against the Camorra and the Mafia.
The Totem for Peace in front of the San Sebastiano al Vesuvio Town Hall was made by Turin sculptor Mario Molinari, a friend of Don Luigi Ciotti.