From 27 to 30 October 2021, the Fondazione Mediterraneo hosted media representatives from various countries for the promotion of the videos of the Museo della Pace - MAMT made with the contribution in support of interventions, activities and services aimed at the development, promotion and valorisation of Museums and Collections of local authority and local interest, financial year 2021 (L.R. 23 February 2005, n.12 and reg. att. N.5 of 18.12.2006)".
The first video, "PINO È TERRA MIA", is about 120 minutes long and shows the entire path of Pino Daniele's life and career as a musician with the fundamental underlining of the link to his homeland. From "Napul'è" to "Terra mia", the fundamental stages are retraced - with the historic concert in Piazza del Plebiscito on 19 September 1981 - so as to represent the value of an example for the new generations.
The second video, entitled "PROCIDA THE ISLAND OF EMOTIONS", recounts "the island that doesn't isolate", a cultural laboratory of social happiness, and focuses the story on "The island of inspirations", "The island of cinema", "The island of mysteries", "The island of peace" and, finally, "The island that is the Italian capital of culture for the year 2022".
Procida therefore presents itself as a subversive capital of culture because it is capable of questioning (subverting) our conception of space and the connections that structure it. This is the challenge of a video that not only has a documentary value but also highlights the island as a place of exploration, experimentation and knowledge, a model of contemporary cultures. The island of Procida is the elsewhere par excellence, it hides treasures or is a destination for escape, an expedient in the search for happiness. The island of Procida is a kingdom of doubles: opening/closing, welcoming/exclusion, freedom/reclusion, connection/distance.
Great appreciation from the representatives of various countries present - including the Tunisian ambassador to Italy, Minister Ben Achour and the Kyrgyz ambassador to Italy Taalay Bazarbaev.