A unique and unrepeatable experience through 20 emotional paths: among them the Mosque, the Chapel with the relics of Don Bosco, Mother Mazzarello and Padre Pio, the spaces dedicated to Pino Daniele and the sculptor Mario Molinari, the path dedicated to "La Campania of emotions"...
On June 29, 2018, in Naples, the MUSEUM OF PEACE - MAMT (Mediterranean, Art, Architecture, Archeology, Environment, Music, Migrations, Traditions, Tourism), celebrates the second year of activity: ten thousand visitors from 140 countries of the world fascinated from a space created by the MEDITERRANEAN FOUNDATION, for almost 30 years committed to dialogue and peace in the Mediterranean and the world.
The Museum - located in the historic building of the former "Grand Hotel de Londres" in Piazza Municipio, in the heart of Naples, a few steps from the metro station designed by Alvaro Siza and the cruise port - is a "home" to welcome and excite: in the 5 floors we are told what has united and unites the peoples of the Mediterranean and the World: Music, Science, Art, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Solidarity, Traditions, Costumes, Food, Destiny
Here you can immerse yourself in the 20 emotional journeys dedicated to important topics such as Migration, Interreligious Dialogue, Music, Stories of Peace, Legality and then the World Salesian Oratory, Ancient Egypt, the Cribs, the City of dialogue: all guided by over 5.000 high-definition videos (4k) and objects, artifacts and testimonies unique in the world that have helped define the Museum "emotional heritage of humanity" and give it the title of "Museum of Emotions".
Through a unique system in the world, located on the 5 floors of the building, and with the help of 107 large videowalls you can immerse yourself in thousands of videos with music by Pino Daniele: the "PINO DANIELE" section is dedicated to the great "musician ALIVE".
The success of this initiative is testified not only by the numbers but by the testimonies of most of the visitors, excited and involved in a welcoming home that the greatest communicators of the world have called "Chaos and wonder".
The project of the Peace Museum was founded in 1997, when President Michele Capasso appealed to over 2,000 representatives from 36 countries on the need to give peace a space where to tell a different story from what is proposed daily by the media (terrorism, migrants) that they die, corruption, poverty, wars, etc.): in short, the HISTORY OF BEAUTY, TRUE AND GOOD to give back hope to young people and make them once again POSITIVE HUNTERS and FUTURE MANUFACTURERS.

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