Posseduto dalla ragione. Profilo di Gaetano Filangieri

Domenico D'alessandro. Edizioni Magma - FLM Napoli 1994 (it.) 13x21 - pp. 184 - ISBN 88-8127-001-3

Gaetano Filangieri has the ability to be a teacher without ostentation, to move things with the strength of his own ideas, to teach with the example of his life. He puts into practice his assumption that "The philosopher must be the apostle of truth and not the inventor of systems". The saying that: "everything is said is the language of those who do not know anything to produce or who do not have the courage to do so". He is convinced that "if the lights he spreads are not useful for his century and for his homeland, they will be useful for another century and for another country". He manages to be "a citizen of all places, a contemporary of all ages, the universe is his homeland, the earth and the school, his contemporaries and his posterity are his disciples".

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