Il fascino del Centro Antico - Napoli Firenze Berlino - Risorse per la vivibilità (EN)

Caterina Arcidiacono. Edizioni magma – March 2004 (it.) format 17x24; pp.159; ISBN 88-8127-021-8

The voice of the centre of Naples joins the voice of Florence’s and Berlin’s inhabitants to let out an alarm cry about the new forms of urban neglect and degradation.
In an increasingly globalized world, the Old Centre of Naples is the soul of the city thanks to its urban and relational heritage: this important resource has to be preserved and shared.
The research directed by Caterina Arcidiacono – Professor of Social and Community Psychology at the University of Naples “Federico II” and Vice President of the Mediterranean Laboratory Foundation – means to be a stimulus for sustainable tourism policies: to avoid the impoverishment of the inhabitants and the devaluation of human-environmental resources as well as of new investments.
With this book, the Mediterranean Laboratory Foundation promotes new methodologies for actions in favour of urban liveability, participation and social capital promotion.

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