Calvino e il mare dell’altro (EN)

Enrica Maria Ferrara. Edizioni Magma - FLM Naples (It.) format 17x24 - pp. 187 ISBN 88-8127-017-X

This book traces a new itinerary in Calvino’s imagination, leading us towards a different symbolic landscape : the one of Anglo-Saxon culture and literature from the 18th to 20th century. Pioneers, explorers of new worlds are the protagonists and authors of the stories of this “unknown” Calvino, which flow together like models in his allegoric-fantastic book Il barone rampante. Through a series of possible paths in the network of symbols relating Calvino’s work to those of Defoe, Sterne, Conrad, Stevenson, this essay tells the story of Calvino’s Anglophilia and the political and personal reasons of his public removal.

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