Vesuvio 1994. L’ultima eruzione

 Angelo Pesce – Giuseppe Rolandi. Edizioni Magma – FLM II ed. Napoli 2000 ( It. ) format. 24 x 33 - pp. 216, pictures in colour ISBN 88-8127-020-X
March 7th 1944. Almost everybody left the small village of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, disheartened by that image of lava coming down from the volcano and covering their houses and their memories. Many of them, proud of their own land, deeply attached to their roots, refused to see their village wiped out. That is how in a part of the community consciousness arouse and a town committee was set up. This book, written by two outstanding scholars, recalls, through pictures and words of extraordinary eloquence, the drama experienced at the time of the eruption and the following reconstruction, arising from a feeling of pride of the people of that place.


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