EPISTOLARIO DELL'ALTRA EUROPA - Un panorama culturale e politico dell'Europa centrale e Occidentale. Una poetica per il dissenso di ieri e di oggi - Predrag Matvejevic' - Prefazione di Robert Bréchon. FLM (ed. it.) 14x21 – pp. 342 - ISBN 88-11-73820-2

Letters from other Europe collects a wide selection of the "open letters" that predrag Matvejevic 'has sent, over the last twenty years, to various personalities in politics and culture: letters of defense, indictments, autobiographical confessions and narratives, essay reflections, investigations on the evolution of peoples and cultures. Up to composing a variegated and enlightening breviary of dissidence, a saga of relations between East and West, implicitly reconstructing a history of Central and Eastern Europe from the October revolution to today.


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