I SIGNORI DELLA GUERRA, La tragedia dell'ex Jugoslavia a cura di Predrag Matvejevic'. FLM (ed. it.) 13,5x21 – pp. 140 - ISBN 88-11-73876-8

"Let's look at the images on the screens. Men, women, children who flee en masse. They call them refugees, refugees, deportees, exiles, illegal immigrants, emigrants, fugitives, displaced persons. .. And a flood without a real outlet. And we have not succeeded in overthrowing the satraps who are responsible for it. And we cannot stop the bombs that fall not only on military targets, but also on cities and their inhabitants, in Belgrade, Pristina and Montenegro. And we no longer have the courage to recognize our powerlessness".
To help us understand the roots of the tragedy unfolding in the former Yugoslavia, three great writers-journalists draw a close portrait of the Warlords: the Serbian Slobodan Milosevié, the Croatian Franjo Tudjman, the Bosnian Alija lzetbegovié - two former communists who they discovered nationalists and a Muslim with a controversial past -, Ratko Mladic, the ambitious general wanted by the Hague Tribunal for "crimes against humanity" and the former supreme head of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia, as well as a poet and psychiatrist , Radovan Karadzié. By exploring the psychology of these disturbing characters, and telling us numerous unpublished details, the authors reveal their political and moral responsibilities in the conflict that bloody the Balkans and at the same time denounce the ineptitude of those who manage the arrogant monism of the "new world order".

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