Felippo Sgruttendio de Scafato. Edizioni Magma - FLM Napoli ( it.) 17x24 - pp. 456 ISBN 88-8127-030-7

The Tiorba a taccone de Felippo Sgruttendio de Scafato is the title of a collection of sonnets and songs in the Neapolitan dialect that was published for the first time, while the author was alive, in 1646. As soon as the theorbo is said lutes, that the taccone is the plectrum, and that Felippo Sgruttendio de Scafato is a pseudonym, it should be emphasized that this songbook represents a parody of Petrarchism and a revaluation of the vernacular poetry considered low-level during the Spanish rule in Naples. Several themes are addressed: In life and in death of Cecca, love, the beauty of women, dialogue with academics, life in the popular districts of Naples, music, popular dance. The analogies, in an ironic, if not satirical, key with the Petrarchian songbook are evident. However, what matters most is the language, which, not improvised, has the freshness and lightness of extemporaneousness, which lets the culture shine through without transmitting weight, indeed often giving the reader the relief of laughter.

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