Maria Pia Giudici. Edizioni Magma/Fondazione Mediterraneo – Napoli 2018 (ed. it.) 15x21 – pp. 98 - ISBN 88-8127-074-1

From the Preface by Luigi Accattoli:

This book by Maria Pia Giudici is a fairy tale: or rather a set of fairy tales.
The best of these fairy tales are the characters and the best of the characters are the names: there is the sweet Sofronia, which is a snail, and there are the mole Clotidea and the crow Fracchia.
And then the ladybird Rinella, the butterfly Paolella, the magpie Agilulfo, the mole Sprofondina, the squirrel Codafluens, the mosquito Zizì and others.
Maria Pia Giudici does like children: she takes them on the fly which is a marvel: she looks at a caterpillar that explores a lettuce and ecocla that looks up and gives it a name with the confidence that was of the creator: "God called the day light"