MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

On 19 March, the 30th anniversary of the death of Don Peppe Diana was celebrated at the headquarters of the United States of the World and the Museum of Peace MAMT. In the itinerary dedicated to him - with precious gifts made to the Museum by his family - the main stages of his life were retraced. The theme of the 30th anniversary chosen by the Museum was one of his phrases: "There is no need to be heroes, it is enough to find the courage to be afraid, the courage to make choices and to denounce".
Over 1,000 visitors, mostly young people, continued to spread Don Peppe's message: "FOR THE LOVE OF HIS PEOPLE".
The Secretary-General Michele Capasso recalled the affectionate friendship with Mamma Jolanda, with Don Luigi Ciotti and with Don Peppe's siblings Marisa and Emilio.