MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

The concert "Song for the Days of Christmas" dedicated to the Land and Peace, especially for the peoples of Ukraine, Palestine and Israel, was held at the United States of the World and the Peace Museum.
In his address, Secretary-General Michele Capasso emphasised the difficult time in human history and the importance of moments of togetherness based on solidarity and the sharing of important values for the respect of human dignity.
"I dedicate this evening to Samira, the poor Iranian woman hanged for no reason in a horror that goes against every human right," Capasso concluded.
The concert curated by "Promenade a Sud" is included in the "Other Christmases" programme of the City of Naples 2023 and is intended as a journey through the rhythms and melodies of ancient and timeless, magical atmospheres of the Christmas season.
The "Promenade a Sud" project aims to enhance and preserve the musical and cultural heritage of southern Italy.
The venue of the United States of the World and the Museum of Peace was chosen for a specific reason: 181 countries from all over the world were represented and an approved "Constitution" founded on saving the Earth and building Peace. Through the song "Stella D' Argento" by C. Faiello, performed by Marianita Carfora, a tribute was paid to the peoples of the Holy Land always in perpetual conflict.