MAMT||Museo Mediterraneo dell' Arte, della Musica e delle Tradizioni (EN)

The discovery of the entire manuscript musical corpus of Adelmo Bartolucci (Pergola 1852- Pergola 1938) was the result of four years of research and now, thanks to the exquisite and sensitive generosity of the Amirante family, descendants and heirs of the musician, the maestro's entire oeuvre is present in the Museo della Pace: his five works Zingara di Granata, Giordano Bruno, Lyna, Deidda and Faublas are finally available for a proper historical-critical reading and, hopefully, forthcoming transcription. Prof. Andrea Zepponi, director of the Museum's music archive, inaugurated the happy acquisition of the music collection accompanied by the generous donation by the Amirante family (first and foremost Mrs. Maria Luisa Bartolucci, a descendant and direct niece of Adelelmo) of the excellently constructed Playel piano given to Bartolucci by the great Pietro Mascagni, then director of the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, complete with an original commemorative plaque, and various other objects that contextualise the historical piece in a recreated 19th-century corner of the Museum. But there is more: Among these objects are heirlooms of absolute curiosity that belonged to another great name from Pergola (PU), that of the opera singer Virginia Colombati (1863-1956), whose father, Giulio Pompeo Colombati (1836-1916), a composer and singer himself, was Adelmo Bartolucci's first teacher and composed a collection of chamber music arias with piano accompaniment; his daughter Virginia's Neapolitan-made mandolin, her black glass beaded shawl and similar handbag restored together with various household goods of the period. This museum corner on the ground floor of the museum (which consists of five full of priceless riches and documents) could not be more interesting. All must be visited. The library part of the archive includes music editions, monographs and encyclopaedias on musical subjects, and an endless record collection.